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PSG And Taiwanese Icon Jay Chou Partnership For New Metaverse Project

Recently, French football club Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and Mandopop star Jay Chou announced that they have teamed up to launch a new metaverse art project. The promotional video on Instagram teasing an upcoming preview of the artwork features Messi alongside other well known athletes such as Neymar Jr., who also has several NFTs in his collection including some Bored Apecoins worth $20 million dollars!

In the past few months, Chou’s fashion brand PHANTACi launched a new NFT collection that sold out in 40 minutes and increased by more than three times its original value to total at $53 million USD. In addition they also had his other collectibles such as BAYC & MAYC stolen from him during this time period too.

The strategic partnership between PSG and Mandopop icon Chou will broaden the sports brand’s reach in Asia. Likewise, it is hoped that this relationship could soon bring about an announce performance at Parc des Princes stadium by Mandarin artists which would mark their first time performing there- ever!

PSG is joining forces with Chou to create awareness and funds for impoverished children through the newly established Endowment Fund.

The football club has trademarked Web3, which indicates they plan on offering NFTs of sports highlights apparel and more in online virtual worlds downloadable computer software that allows you manage cryptocurrency transactions using blockchain technology; all while also engaging their fans by giving them a say about what type or brand would be best suited at any given time!

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